Gaius Museum Bust Soldier Toy Painted Resin 10 1 Caesar Julius ycek543582276-1970-Now

Gaius Museum Bust Soldier Toy Painted Resin 10 1 Caesar Julius ycek543582276-1970-Now

This Weeks Show

W.BRITAINS 3 Cavalry Horsemen Old Toy Soldier (12)

You’ll discover about our guest, Amy Palazzolo, that she’s a well-rounded and very centered technology leader. Amy has woven her professional talents with personal qualities that she developed from her interests outside of work.  Listen and see how you can apply what Amy has to offer to our professional lives AND our personal experiences. ...

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Podcast 1933 – It’s all about us!!!

We’re going to talk about what’s happening in our techno lives – the good, the bad, the hopeful! And hopefully that will help YOU, our listener, to better shape your techno-world! ...

Solido 1 43 - Dodge Abschleppwagen Feuerwehr

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Podcast 1930 – Old Friends, Cyberwar, & the future of space.

Our guests for this podcast will be John Humphrey, long time listener and friend of Foster Braun, here to reflect on Foster and the impact of the show on him. Also our good friend and cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon with more insight on cybersecurity. ...

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Show Hosts

SL-E390F N Gauge Double Slip (10 angle) Peco

Gary Baker

Gary Baker has had a long career working with computers and promoting technology development in Michigan. In the fall of 1997 when Foster called his ISP and asked for help, he talked with Gary who was its president.Tin soldier, miniature. Publius Cornelius Scipio of Africa, 236-183 BC. 54 mm

Foster Braun

Foster Braun has been co-hosting the Internet Advisor on WJR since February 1998 except for a short time in early 2000. He has been in the Detroit radio market since 1975 before working at WJR in 1996.NUOVO Placche Luci Targa LED per Audi Q5 A4 2008-2010 A5 TT VW Passat B6 Vari

Ed Rudel

Ed Rudel joined as a co-host in 2003. Ed has toiled for many years as an executive troubleshooter in the corporate world and has worked side-by-side with Cal Carson in that role.MTH Auto Transport Flatcar With Ertl '65 Shelby Cobra's (TD)

Verlinden 120mm (1 16) Charging Pirate wielding two Swords Vignette w Base 1469

Cal Carson

Cal Carson joined the Internet Advisor in the mid-2000’s to defend the honor of the “Dark Side” and help with questions about Apple Computers. Cal is an active member of the Detroit MacGroup.